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  1. Soham Mukherjee, Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel, Wolfgang Tichy, Steven L. Liebling,
    Conformally curved initial data for charged, spinning black hole binaries on arbitrary orbits,
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    arxiv preprint: asto-ph/2107.07020

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    arXiv preprint: astro-ph/2101.12214

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    Part of focus issue: Rattle and shine: the signals from compact binary mergers.
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1603.00501.

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    Related arXiv preprint: astro-ph.HE/1005.1067.

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    Contribution for the Proceedings of the 12th Marcel Grossman Meeting.
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    Proceedings of the Marcel Grossmann Meeting XI
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    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/0202093.

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